1/4″ Evergreen Reflective


The evergreen color of this fire glass is particularly well-suited to d├ęcors dominant in red, pink and coral hues, but will be a beautiful highlight to any indoor or outdoor environment. When the fire feature is lit, your customers and their guests will be treated to a magical display as the sparkling evergreen glass pieces coupled with the bright yellow flames make their surroundings come alive.

American Fire Glass’ 1/4″ evergreen reflective fire glass is a product your customers are sure to use and love for years to come. They can count on the color to remain always evergreen, thanks to the heat-resilient properties of the non-tumbled tempered glass (up to 1300 degrees Fahrenheit) which is guaranteed to never shatter, crumble or lose its shape.

Another advantage of fire glass is that it is extremely low maintenance because it doesn’t release any harmful chemicals, smoke, ash, or soot, thus your customers will be able to spend more time enjoying the glass and less time cleaning it!

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Weight 10 lbs