• Full range of head, back and foot comfort positions
  • Full range of head, back or foot positions to suit any lifestyle.
  • Wireless 16-button backlit remote control with flashlight.
  • Remote control to operate all functions at your fingertips
  • The remote comes with an LED flashlight on the remote control.
  • Access to the remote application
  • Download the W. Silver Products mobile app for Apple and Android devices and control your adjustable bed
  • Battery backup
  • During a power outage or failure, the SS45 battery backup feature lowers the bed to an original flat position with the touch of a button on the battery box.
  • Fits most standard bed sizes
  • Gravity Release Safety Feature
  • Sized to fit most industry standard bed rails.
  • The gravity release safety function lowers the mattress by gravity, never downward, to minimize pinch points.
  • Zero-G preset position
  • One-touch button raises the legs slightly above the heart to promote circulation and relieve lower back pressure.
  • One-touch flat button
  • One touch button that returns the bed to a completely flat position.
  • Adjustable legs with premium button
  • The SS45 comes with premium push-button adjustable legs from 6″ to 10″, to raise and lower the overall height of the bed.
  • Optional 2-piece steel recessed adjustable legs.
  • Recessed steel adjustable legs 4″ or 8″ high.
  • Compatible with platform beds
  • The SS45 is compatible with platform beds.
  • Folding base design
  • The SS435 adjustable lifestyle base is a folding base design with 6 steel legs for durable construction.
  • LED lighting under the bed
  • With the touch of a button, the LED light will turn on and illuminate the underside of your base.\
  • Variable speed massage with wave and pulse mode.
  • Head or foot massage to rejuvenate the entire body, with a wave motion to oscillate the massage motors from head to toe, and a pulse sensation function for a total body massage.
  • USB port charging outlets
  • Two USB charging outlets per side to recharge your electronic devices while you use them or while you sleep.
  • Priced as Queen
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