1/4″ Bronze Reflective


With our 1/4″ bronze reflective fire glass, your customers can bring the age-old beauty and elegance of the Bronze Age right into their living room!

Dark bronze hues are truly timeless, capable of producing a feeling of antique style or modern flair. The robust earth tones of our bronze reflective fire glass with the hint of brilliant metallic sparkle will give your customers’ décor an inviting, friendly, confident and modern feel. Onlookers will be enchanted by the warm bronze glow reflecting off the fire glass and the refraction of light it produces. This color provides a magnificent indoor or outdoor base for your customers’ fire pit or fireplace.

n-tumbled and tempered via a rigorous, 5-step manufacturing process, our reflective fire glass is designed to withstand harsh weather and temperatures of up to 1300 degrees Fahrenheit without sustaining any damage or discoloration.  Used correctly, our fire glass can last your customers a lifetime!

Another advantage of our 1/4″ bronze reflective fire glass is that it does not emit any harmful chemicals, smoke, soot, or ash, thus it hardly requires any cleaning and is very easy to maintain!

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Weight 10 lbs