This transitional wall clock’s simplistic style and clean lines are the perfect mix of traditional elegance and contemporary lines and texture, with a natural finish that will add warmth to your home. Its contemporary spin on a classic timepiece makes it perfect for accenting your other home décor while adding a subtle statement piece.
Clock Design: This wall clock features an Oak Yorkshire finish on select hardwoods and veneers. The pendulum includes an Oak Yorkshire finished wood stick and a spun brass-finished bob.
Dial Design: An off-white dial, surrounded by a brushed brass-finished bezel, features black Arabic numerals, a minute track along the outer edge, and black spade hands. The dial and pendulum sit behind a flat glass pane.
Chimes: A single-chime movement plays Westminster chimes on the hour and counts the hour. There’s also an automatic nighttime chime shut-off for convenience.
Quartz Movement: This hardwood wall clock has a battery-powered quartz movement which requires 4 AA batteries (not included).

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Dimensions 13 × 5.25 × 23.5 in