Glideaway is a family-owned company that has been dedicated to providing value-based and innovative sleep products to their customers for over 50 years.
We take pride in being able to supply their retailers with numerous product categories, all delivered on one truck and billed on one invoice, saving the retailer time and money by eliminating the need for several vendors.
Glideaway works closely with the retailers on training programs to ensure high sales and attachment rates, as well as providing retailers custom product and packaging programs designed to fit the specific needs or branding of their store. By forming partnerships with retailers, Glideaway has remained a strong force in the bedding industry.
Glideaway’s Commercial Hospitality and Contract Sales division proudly serves non-retail business sectors, including Hospitality, Military Exchange and Housing, Rental and Corporate Housing Industry, Healthcare, and OEM. Like our retail customers, our commercial and contracts sales customers reap the benefits and cost savings of one order, one invoice and one delivery for their sleep product needs.
Always looking towards the future of the company and industry, Glideaway continues to bring new and innovative products  to their customers as well as emphasize the importance of excellent customer service and strong relationships.